About Me

My first blog post was written in 2009.

I was eleven, and I was introduced to the blogging world by my form teacher at that time.

Over the years, I went through about six blogs in total. Most of them have been deleted. and none of the posts retained. I’m sure those who blog can relate – reading an old post you wrote when you were ten years old is probably the most cringe-worthy experience one would ever encounter.

Every blog I created and deleted marked a stage of my life – erasing my past immaturity, and starting afresh. That was the approach I was going for, anyway. Whether it worked out or not is a completely different story.

It seemed like a great idea at that point in time. After all, if I felt so embarrassed reading my own old posts, imagine the horror if my parents or friends stumbled upon them? Having said that, looking back, those could have been precious memories carefully stowed away, if I had archived them.

Which is why, this year, I made a promise to myself. This would be my last blog. I am going to track all of my memories and thoughts here, and hopefully my readers (if they even exist at all), can find content that they relate to.

This is the average Singaporean, the average student’s blog. The average teenager learning to live, just like everyone else.

Let’s look forward to a good 2017!

Best wishes,


14 May 2017