Bike sharing! / Ofo Biking Experience

So I’ve finally hopped onto the bike sharing bandwagon.

And I must say, the overall experience was a lot better than I ever would’ve imagined, although I only speak from a four ride experience.

On New Year’s Eve, a group of us decided to, for the first time, count down together. The countdown location was a little far from the MRT, so one of us suggested cycling there-

-which was a terrible idea, in hindsight. Not because of anything else, but because little did I know, that while I was pedalling hard, my forehead was also burning up at the same time.

In the end, we only saw the fireworks from the bus stop opposite the countdown location. And by ‘saw’, I really mean caught a glimpse of, because who would’ve guessed, right when the fireworks went off, a bus stopped at the bus stop, blocking almost three quarters of our view. What a way to start the new year! I say that in good humour.

That aside, that trip taught me two things. One, I need to start cycling again – because I’m so awfully bad at it after a two-year hiatus. Two, bike sharing was actually a pretty damn good system! Bike vandalism and inconsiderate parking aside.

There are plenty of bike sharing companies to choose from in Singapore. From what I’ve been seeing, I think there are three – Ofo, Obike and Mobike. Because I hopped onto the bike sharing bandwagon on whim, and assumed that it would only be a one-time ocurrance, there was only one criteria that I was looking out for – NO INITIAL DEPOSIT.

Some of you might not be aware, but many bike sharing companies in the market require you to pay a $50 deposit. I wasn’t willing to do that just yet, so naturally I chose to go with Ofo, which only required you to put in your credit card details for payment on a per ride basis. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, no strings attached! Just the kind of deal I was looking for. Says a lot about who I am as a person, huh? Commitment issues, cough cough…

And it isn’t as if Ofo bikes were of shitty quality, or are hard to find on the island, either. They are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. In fact, to be very honest, if you’re worried about convenience (being able to find a bike when you’re in a hurry), all the three companies that I’ve mentioned earlier are great. You can usually spot all three companies’ bikes within a two metre radius. Which naturally results in a common problem in many cities today – bike clutter – but that’s not what today’s post is about.

To date, I’ve cycled a total of four times with Ofo. Just yesterday, I went on a short cycling trip with a few friends, which lasted about one hour. Today, I cycled from my house to the clinic – a four minute ride, lol – and this is where I am now as I type this blog post out on my Xiaomi smart phone. It’s probably also worth mentioning that I’ve paid nothing for all of my four rides, because of all the free ride promotions Ofo has been having.

Five days into the new year! I’m having a blast.




something about this blog is comforting

it’s so public, yet so private

do i actually care what i write on this blog?

back then i didn’t, but after an unfortunate incident, i have no choice but to be mindful of what i write up here

because feelings might be hurt, and were hurt

and in retrospect i honestly don’t care

why should my thoughts be filtered?

on a space that i own, on my own blog.


earn it.