muruku ended my healthy phase

Like every other person born in the internet era, YouTube plays a huge part in my life. It’s my go-to for video recipes, comedy skits. cute animal videos, and most recently, lifestyle videos.

For those familiar with the term, a ‘health guru’ on YouTube is usually someone that uploads videos about their life – with extra attention paid on fitness and diet. No thanks to them, I found myself being influenced and the before I knew it, I was stocking my fridge with frozen bananas, strawberries, and whatever other frozen fruit I could lay my hands on.

It was then that I began my daily routine. Every night after dinner, I would make a fruit smoothie (sometimes thicker, if we wanted something with more of an ice-cream like consistency). We always use homemade yoghurt that my mum makes. The bananas give it a delicious sweetness, and the berries the beautiful tinge of pastel pink or purple. On days where we want a fibre boost, chia seeds are also added – they give the smoothie a nice nutty flavour. And I always make sure to use frozen fruit so that my smoothie is icy cold without needing to add the additional ice – no one likes a diluted smoothie!

Oat balls seemed to be a trendy healthy snack, and relatively easy to make. It was simply a combination of old-fashioned oats, cashews, cocoa powder, and a sweetener of your choice. Because it was Ramadan at that time, I had jewel dates on hand, and that’s what I used. They are the the perfect binder too – sticky and sweet, great for keeping your chocolate ball snack firm and in shape.

I wish I could say that this phase lasted forever, but it clearly didn’t – otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it here. You see, I shop for all my whole foods in the NTUC Warehoue in Joo Koon. They sell 1kg or 2kg bags of frozen fruit there at affordable prices (compared to Cold Storage), and you can find other things like granola and oats there too. One day, I was there doing my grocery shopping… and I chanced upon a huge back of muruku (the thick kind). I decided to give it a try and bought a packet, and little did I know that that was the worst decision I could ever make.

That leaves us here, today. That bag of muruku has long been polished off, and I am nursing a new packet. I have to physically restrain myself to resist the temptation of muruku, but then again I’m not trying very hard at all. I just hope that this packet will last me for at least another week.

Until then…